Bar Counters

Bar Counters

The bar counter is an interior element that essentially forms the image of the institution. If your restaurant or nightclub has a distinct concept, is better to order the bar counter production on an individual project.

Our company produces bar counters for all establishments types of different directions. It may be bar counter of solid oak for pub or with LED backlight for night clubs, etc. We can offer the customer a large range of materials for the bar counters – ash, oak, alder, walnut, cherry, and various exotic woods. Our experts will advise on the value and will help to select the best option of the material corresponding to the budget of your order.

The bar counter plays an important role in the work of the staff. On its rear side, arranged shelves for glasses, compartments for storing all sorts of cocktail components, frigobar, and more. Before the start of manufacture, we will coordinate with the customer all the requirements in terms of functionality.

Location of job shelves inside the bar we also will discuss with the employees of restaurant which will directly to work in a bar.

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