Reception Desks

Reception Desks

When a visitor comes to the hotel, or in a restaurant, the first thing he sees before him – Front desk. By first impression, guest forms his subjective opinion about the whole place. Therefore it is important that the front desk was carried out in full accordance with the interior design of the hotel / restaurant.

The materials from which will be made reception desk, facade, shape, design – all this play such a big role as the ability of staff to welcome guests. We offer customers a large range of materials – woods, artificial or natural stone, glass.
Speaking of the wood, it can be an array of oak, ash, cherry, Californian oak, alder, walnut, exotic wood, etc.

Turning to the Woodstock, the customer receive the results, which also will be the effective addition of the interior, and an effective tool for the creation of a positive image in the eyes of the visitor. Our company can offer any kind of reception desk – from classic to modern, with different variants of the LED backlight.

Exclusive offer:
For premium-segment establishments reception desk can be manufactured with built-in aquarium. This rack will give the interior a luxury effect, and is bound to attract the attention of visitors.

By signing the contract, we make measurements for free. After completion of the work, the front desk will be an ideal fit in the size of the room.

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