Upholstered furniture for the lobby and lounge area

Upholstered furniture for the lobby and lounge area

For upholstered furniture was always put forward higher requirements for comfort, ergonomics and design. Large range of upholstery and fillers helps to achieve desired result in the manufacture of the soft sofas.

The coating, filling, presence / absence of spring blocks – is the factors that determine the quality and price of the product. Therefore, the customer can expect that the price of the reservation will be agreed in advance, taking into account all his the wishes.

For the HoReCa segment, upholstered furniture is most actual for such places as:

  • Lounge bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels (for hotel rooms, in the lobby or reception area)
  • Night clubs
  • Cabaret

For the lounge bars and nightclubs we can offer sofas of any configuration – angular, rounded, U-shaped, of exclusive form factor. Because the for the lounge bar is very important softness of sofas, we will choose the best filler. If necessary design of armchairs and poufs, will developed by our partners design studios.
Since 2014, we work in this direction also with private customers.

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