Wine Cases and Humidors

Wine Cases and Humidors

In addition to furniture for restaurants and hotels, we manufacturing to order additional furniture items for other HoReCa establishments. It can be wine cases, humidors for cigar clubs, leather armchairs and chests of drawers in the old English style. Often it can be multi-level bars designed for several types of alcoholic beverages.

All furniture is made on individual projects, taking into account the requirements of the customer. Our partners, design-studios, will give a visualization of the future piece of furniture.

Humidors must meet several requirements. Starting from material from which they are made, and ending with an angle of inclination of the shelves. For better preservation, cigars should be kept in a specific microclimate. Important even thickness of shelves on which the cigars are stored. Woodstock Workers have the experience and knowledge necessary for the manufacture of humidors.

Wine cases also have a number of features. So, for the production of wine cases is better to use wood. We use mainly solid oak, ash, or wild cherry. This material has a beautiful appearance, and the necessary properties to ensure better preservation of drink. They must also provide protection to the bottles of wine from sunlight. We use a special glass that allows you to achieve the desired conditions of storage of expensive drink.

If necessary, we can produce a humidor or wine case with build-in LED lighting.

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